Amanda Norman

Amanda Norman

So, you may be wondering who is behind Gemstone and Tarot and what their life experience is, so allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Amanda Norman, a 46 year old currently residing in the lovely city of Liverpool and I’m inviting you to join me on my personal journey of self healing and recovery.  Gemstone and Tarot is a resource of tips and valuable information that I have found useful so far and I hope that it helps you!

Meditation and Mindfulness

I’ll be totally honest with you.  If someone had advised me to do meditation and mindfulness this time last year, I would have laughed at them and told them that I’m not a hippy.  I’m glad that didn’t happen though as I would have just shown myself up, BIG TIME!

Meditation and mindfulness is a massive step in my personal journey that has helped me to manage my anxiety.  

My anxiety was destroying my relationships with work, colleagues, friends, family and my partner Mark.  I would sit there many days creased over as the intense butterfly feeling STAYED in my stomach and wouldn’t go. Paranoia, insomnia and negative feelings such as ‘why am I here and what is the point to all of this?’ were very much constant.  It got to a point where I shut myself off and stayed at home, where I felt alone and safe, but very sad that I was missing out on life. In kicks the anxiety again as I knew that I had to get out and do something about it.  The merry go round of anxiety struck again! 

I was told something this year on a meditation and mindfulness course and it was to STEP OFF THE DRAMA ROUNDABOUT!  This one sentence is so life changing!  Thanks Nicky!  

I went to my GP and I told him that I don’t feel right and that I’m not myself.  He signed me off work and offered me tablets to assist, but I said no to the tablets.

Luckily for me, I suppose mentally I’ve always been strong and I told myself that I just needed help to manage the anxiety and that tablets were not a cure.  Hold on a minute, I bet you’re wondering why, if I am claiming to have always been mentally strong, how did I end up with anxiety?

I don’t have the answer!

I tick all of the boxes for having mental health issues and even this statement lowers my mood.  I’ve been doing a lot of researching into mental health lately and I’ve read things about traumatic childhood, health issues etc.  Oh yes, I tick the boxes alright, but I’m here to tell you that you can manage your mental health.  I’m also here to tell you not to be afraid of what people think of you for admitting you have mental health issues.  I’ve admitted it where I work and now I’m part of a forum to bring positive mental health wellbeing into the workplace. 

I believe that a factor of my mental health deterioration was down to the fact that I never managed my stress.  I worked, worked and worked bloody hard, all hours of the day to please others above and beyond my own needs.  I craved appreciation, acknowledgement, craved to be needed, so I worked, worked, worked and worked more.  By the way, Facebook also didn’t help. 

I’m a Gothic horror photographer in my spare time and I love creating artwork from my photography.  The process was, come home from work, create the image, upload to Facebook and then see how many likes I get.  A recipe for disaster that one is!  Years of this also contributed to my deterioration.  Facebook is bloody annoying when you think about it. How much negativity do you see on your feed a day? 

I have become MINDFUL to all of this!

I never took time out for myself, I was on auto-pilot a lot of the time and I never took time out to appreciate anything positive in my life. I never appreciated ME and I didn’t appreciate the natural beauty of life that positively surrounded me at all times.  Mindfulness is about being aware of the present moment and not being judgmental.  Meditation is taking time out to recharge your batteries. I’ve started my mindfulness A to Z to give you tips and information that I have learned so far and I hope you find it useful.

Crystal Gemstones

I remember as a child being drawn to odd looking rocks and then being dazzled by crystal gemstones, so it’s no surprise that this interest blossomed into finding out more about the meaning of crystal gemstones

For the past 5 years, I’ve been designing gemstone bracelets for friends and family based on their healing and emotional properties and I’ve always had good feedback.  My interest was more of a curiosity until very recently when I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. Now that I’m on my journey of self healing, my interest in gemstones has grown.  I find it very therapeutic to relax and design beautiful looking gemstone bracelets that will make people feel better.  If you would like one designing for you, please get in touch.

Tarot Readings

For years I’ve performed Tarot readings for family, friends and friends of friends, but I’ve stayed away from doing my own readings as I’ve read numerous times that it’s not recommended.

Until recently, I had never studied the meaning of the cards so truthfully and objectively as a form of self therapy.

Now, I perform regular self readings and record them in a journal and I’m at a stage where I am managing my anxiety and getting stronger by the day.

So, for all those people who have said in the past, you can’t do your own Tarot readings, I’m here to tell you that you can, but only if you thoroughly and honestly study the card and how you relate to it, which is very challenging and difficult to do.  Hopefully my Tarot section will give you advice and information to help you on your journey.

Journey Achievements

Reiki Degree 2 Amanda Norman

Reiki Degree 2 Amanda Norman

So, now my self journey of exploration and healing continues with Gemstone and Tarot.

On the 9th of December 2018, I completed a second degree in Reiki and I’m now offering Reiki healing.  For further information, please view my post titled What is Reiki?.

I’m also going to study gemstones as I really feel that the gemstones are calling me.  The world is looking bright and positive and I hope you will share your journey and experiences as well.  You can join me on Facebook (yes I know what I said, but I do try to keep it very positive) @AmandaNormanGemstones

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