Meaning of Gratitude

Gratitude Meditation and Mindfulness

This month I want to explore the meaning of gratitude and I think that you will already be guessing that this post isn’t just about saying thank you. I’ve also included some recommendations on how you can practice daily gratitude. Up until recently, if someone had asked me what the…

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Environmental Meditation and Mindfulness

Environment Meditation and Mindfulness

This month, I’m going to provide you with some very easy meditation and mindfulness exercises to do whilst enjoying our beautiful environment, but why is it important to practice meditation and mindfulness and what is the difference? In the UK alone, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report that 595,000…

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Breath Mindfulness Meditation

Breathe Meditation and Mindfulness

Focusing your attention on your breathing is the easiest exercise to perform when developing more mindfulness in your daily life. Doing it regularly will help you deal with difficult situations a lot easier. B is for Breath It’s easier than you think and it is very good practice to do…

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