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I’m very happy to design gemstone bracelets that have the gemstones or fastenings that you prefer.  Within the gallery on this page, you will see examples of crystal gemstone bracelets that I’ve made and hopefully they will inspire you to get in touch to discuss your perfect bracelet.  There is no additional charge for requesting a custom design.

I offer two types of gemstone bracelets and the newest custom design gemstone bracelets feature .925 silver. These are available at £25 each for adult or £18 for a child.

The original custom design gemstone bracelet features gemstones and silver plated, lead and nickel free beads, clasps etc. The standard price for this type of bracelet is £12 GBP and any offers will be featured below.

Prices exclude postage and packaging.

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I’ve been designing gemstone bracelets for years, on and off, but with my recent experience of suffering anxiety and studying meditation and mindfulness, my passion has returned. 

Silver and Gemstone Custom Design Requests

Custom Design Silver Gemstone Bracelets

Custom Design .925 Silver Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone Bracelets Custom Design Service

Design your perfect gemstone bracelet with Gemstone and Tarot

Design your perfect gemstone bracelet with Gemstone and Tarot (EXCLUDES .925 SILVER)

Gemstones have various properties and healing powers that can be used to aid problems both with physical and mental health. I’m a strong believer in their powers, but it has to be noted that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to prove it and I do not claim that the bracelets I make will make you better. If you’re suffering you must always consult your doctor in the first instance.  Check out my A-Z of Gemstone Crystal Meanings 

A few years ago, I made a gemstone bracelet for a friend who struggled to get pregnant. Within months she got pregnant!

More recently, I told a friend to rub her forehead with the Amethyst gemstone bracelet I made for her to aid her migraine and she told me it worked. I’ve since had other people tell me that they are in despair if they don’t wear their gemstone bracelet.  Please check out the reviews on the Gemstone and Tarot Facebook Page.

Gemstone Healing Bracelets Infused With Reiki Healing Energy

I’m a practitioner of Reiki Healing and I’ve received four Reiki attunements as part of my training.  This allows me to infuse all gemstone bracelets that I create with loving Reiki healing energy and intent.  I’m due to complete my level two training in December 2018.

I love a challenge so please, if you want a gemstone bracelet for you with your choice of gemstones, colours, charms, elastic or with clasps, male or female designs, please contact me to discuss what I can do for you and thank you for reading this far. You can also visit me on Facebook by clicking @AmandaNormanGemstones

Gemstone Meditation and Mindfulness Bracelets

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