Gemstone Meanings

Crystal gemstones have been used for centuries for their healing properties and are commonly used today by spiritual energy healing practitioners like myself.  They are also worn as jewellery, not only for their beautiful colours and lustre, but also to provide physical and emotional healing. I have personally found great comfort in wearing crystal gemstone jewellery that I’ve specifically designed for anxiety and if you visit my Facebook page, you can see what my customers have to say about their experiences.

Crystal Gemstones and Chakras

Each crystal gemstone has been formed over thousands of years, deep within the Earth from elements such as fire and water.  This is why crystal gemstones have powerful energies and each has their own vibration that we can feel drawn to, or are receptive to.  Within our body, we have seven chakras that are invisible to the naked eye and are aligned along the spine.  The powerful, cosmic energy of the universe runs through our chakras and when these become blocked or affected, crystal gemstones are laid upon the body to help release mental, physical and spiritual blockages to ensure that the energy of the universe can run through us unaffected.  To find out more about chakras and their associated crystal gemstones, visit the Chakra Gemstones category.

Gemstone Meanings

Below you will find a collection of crystal gemstone meanings for the stock that I have in at present for making custom gemstone bracelets.

If there’s a crystal gemstone that you want to find out more about, please get in touch here.

Click here for the A to Z of crystal gemstone meanings

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