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Lithomancy is a form of divination using stones.

Definition of divination
1 : the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers
2 : unusual insight : intuitive perception (courtesy of Merriam-Webster.com)

If you search the Internet about lithomancy, you will soon get confused at the number of stones to include in a reading. Some say 16, others say 13 and others say that it’s up to you and I’m with the latter. It’s entirely up to you how many stones you decide to use, because a reading of the stones is conducted by you interpreting the patterns and using your intuition and gut instinct.

Learn Lithomancy With a Journal

The only way to learn lithomancy or any form of divination is to practice lots and record your findings in a journal specific for lithomancy. Ask your friends if you can do them a lithomancy reading and ask them to let you know what happens in the following months and update your journal so that you can reflect on how well you did.

What most readers practicing lithomancy have in common is that they base some of their stones on the planets of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Moon and the Sun. Some readers like myself only choose to use the seven traditional planets because in ancient times, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus had not been discovered. If you’ve never looked at the planets and their meanings, I highly recommend that you start today as it’s fascinating.

The remaining stones in a lithomancy set sometimes represent love, luck, wealth and so on, but I have decided to base mine on the four elements of air, fire, water and Earth and I’ve added a fifth stone for Spirit, so in total, I use 12 stones based on my knowledge of the tarot and I have listed these in the next section together with their representations and meanings.

Learn how to do a Lithomancy Reading

Generally, each lithomancy reading is for a period of 12 weeks. Again, it’s entirely up to you how you would like to do this. 

  • Firstly, cleanse your gemstones of all negative energies and re-energise them
  • Select a suitable surface as all gemstones will be gently dropped onto it from 1 to 2 inches high
  • You will need a piece of cord, chain or other material to create a circle of which all the stones are dropped into
  • Ensure you are grounded and relaxed before you begin
  • When you’re ready for the stones to be dropped, simply rotate in a small circular movement and release when ready
Getting started with lithomancy
Imposed clock over a lithomancy spread

Lithomancy Timings

You need to imagine a clock face super imposed over the circle of your reading. Each hour on the clock represents one week. The picture above demonstrates what I mean.

Each stroke represents the end of a week, (1 o clock is the end of week 1)

Interpreting the Gemstones

The inner core of the clock represents core issues for the querent. Gemstones that land in this area are important aspects of their current situation and should be addressed first prior to working your way around the clock in a clockwise direction

If gemstones have landed between 11:00 and 12:00, consider that the querent may have to address something in the past in order to move forward

Don’t try to create a perfect circle with your material as it’s too difficult

Any gemstone that lands outside of the physical circle should be classed as outside the 12 weeks, but again, it’s entirely up to you and your gut instinct. It might be that this gemstone represents what’s missing in the querents life

If it sits directly on the circle, is the gemstones meaning pressing on the querent?

Are the gemstones that point to other gemstones providing support, pressure or comfort?

Are two gemstones with points that clearly point to each other rebounding off one another causing a conflict?

Could it be that a line of stones drives momentum of energies that result in the final stone of the line?

Interpreting the Patterns

Hopefully you took my advice about creating a lithomancy journal as this exercise will prove its worth when trying to interpret patterns, shapes and formations of the gemstones when they land.

  • Draw a straight line and write down the keywords and phrases of what a straight line symbolises to you.  Could it be that a straight line means ‘going straight‘ or that a situation is ‘straight forward‘?
  • Draw a curve and write down the keywords and phrases of what this symbolises to you.  Could it be that a curve represents a smile, or an ‘uphill struggle‘?
  • Draw a spiral and write down the keywords and phrases of what this symbolises to you.  Could it be that spiral is a rollercoaster ride or a build up of the gemstones energies?
  • Follow the examples above with a triangle.  Triangles have lots of symbolic meanings. When inverted (pointing down) the triangle can represent female and passive. When erect (pointing up) it represents the opposite, male and assertive. I also love the fact that Aristotle established triangles as symbols of the five elements, fire, Earth, air, water and the fifth being Aether or spirit that combines the elements. This is why triangles can also be seen as representing creativity. Nobody explains this better than Avia from Whats-your-sign.com. Please have a read. https://www.whats-your-sign.com/triangle-meaning.html
  • Square’s symbolic meaning can represent the physical world and the four points on a compass. The two sides facing each other can represent the balance of opposites. A square symbol is also shown in the root chakra as it represents Earth and grounding. Again, Avia will explain the symbolic meaning of a square perfectly at https://www.whats-your-sign.com/square-symbol-meaning.html
  • A circle can represent eternity, perfection, revolution or going around in circles. What does a circle mean to you? Check out what Avia has to say about the symbology of a circle at https://www.whats-your-sign.com/circle-symbol-meaning.html

Lithomancy Kit

I’ve created a lithomancy kit based on the twelve gemstones that I use in my lithomancy readings.  It’s important to note that you don’t need to purchase this kit, although the gemstones alone make it a very nice gift to someone who has an interest.  If you wanted, you can choose pebbles off a beach.  The only thing you need to ensure is that you can distinguish the meaning easily of each stone.  If you are to pick your own, please choose odd shapes and stones that have points as these will provide more of an insight when interpreting readings.  The lithomancy kit I’ve created can be purchased from my Etsy store by clicking on the image below.  

Buy a lithomancy kit
Purchase a Lithomancy Kit

The gemstones included in the lithomancy kit are listed below with a photograph.  When purchasing the Gemstone and Tarot lithomancy kit, please note that all gemstones are natural and they will not be the exact same as pictured here: –

Jupiter – Banded Jasper

Jupiter is all about expansion, inflation, travel, education and learning, including the desire to grow and reach out. It offers optimism, luck, fortune and a sense of direction that makes your journey a positive experience. Jupiter will guide you down the right path even if you disregard it. Jupiter will inspire you to reach beyond yourself. It will also impel you to look behind your current situation in order to see deeper significance. It’s the planet of high aspirations and will grant you with a strong sense of safety and security.

The negative aspect of Jupiter will over-expand if not moderated that will lead to complacency, self-righteousness, carelessness, irresponsibility, wastefulness and lethargy because bigger isn’t always better. In this position, you will feel disconnected from others.

Banded Jasper
Jupiter is represented by banded Jasper

Banded Jasper can aid in strengthening in-securities.

Keywords: Expansion, inflation, exaggeration, travel, optimism, wisdom, good fortune, luck, meaning, faith, beliefs, greed, confidence, vision, generosity, creative visualisation, excess, abundance, cycles

Tarot: Wheel of Fortune
Zodiac: None

Mars – Garnet

Mars represents our will and our fight to survive on all levels. It symbolises a primitive and initiatory force and is known as the God of war, for its very nature is to be assertive and aggressive with a lust and passion to survive and conquer. This is why Mars emphasises heat, anger, impatience, self-preservation and the urge to make things happen. Mars is very masculine and there is a strong emphasis on male sexuality. If Mars was subdued in any shape or form, how would he feel? This is where aspects of aggression and rage come into focus, because Mars has an enormous amount of will and determination to survive. The position of Mars on a chart reveals how assertive we are.

Garnet Gemstone
The gorgeous deep red shine of Garnet used to represent Mars

The Garnet gemstone can assist in restoring the will to survive if life has hit an all-time low

Keywords: Fight, will, aggression, survival, courage, resourcefulness, endurance, assertion, action, self-preservation, virility, lust, passion, male, sexuality, energy, heat, rage, vigorous, impatient

Tarot: The Tower
Zodiac: None

Mercury – Red Tiger’s Eye

Mercury is known as the Messenger of the Gods and symbolises triumph of mind over matter.
It is concerned with how one perceives information, assimilates it and then stores it away in memory to retrieve at a later date. Thoughts are based on reason and logic and under the influence of Mercury; verbal as well as written communication is strengthened. With such intellect and Mercury’s fluidity, you will have no problem with assimilating gossip and tricksters as Mercury keeps an open mind and perceives information from all angles, logical versus illogical. You also need to remember that lightening quick reaction can sometimes lead to missing key information or a lack of logical thought.

Red Tiger’s Eye represents Mercury

The Tiger’s Eye gemstone can assist with managing depression, anxiety and calms anger

Keywords: Learning, education, communication, thoughts, speech, writing, opinions, siblings, travel, mind, reason, logic, perception, intellect, cunning, gossip, wit, trickster, memory

Tarot: Magician
Zodiac: None

Moon – Moonstone

At the time of a full moon, the energy creates changing tides affecting the waters of the ocean and also affects the waters deep within, hence mood swings during a female cycle. The moon is very much feminine and is the ruler of our emotions. Where the sun gives us our spirit, the moon gives us our soul. She churns our emotions through her energy and is responsible for our emotional reactions and how we express them. If during a negative phase, it can take the form of overreacting or responding defensively to others.

She symbolises illusion and the sub-conscience as she doesn’t cast much light. She is the veil of truth, lifting the veil just a little to allow for a glimpse of our hidden experiences to be revealed from deep within.

As she governs our soul, we need to trust in her magical power and trust our instincts as she is the link between our soul and the Devine. It’s true that the Moon does symbolise fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.

Moonstone represents the moon
Moonstone represents the moon

The Moonstone gemstone can greatly assist all emotional healing

Keywords: Emotional reactions, feeling, instincts, receptivity, reflection, motherhood, pregnancy, cycles, mother, maternal instinct, the subconscious, moods, nurturing, home, habits, where we retreat to in order to feel safe, accommodation, our inner child, comfort, emotional background, roots, neediness

Tarot: The High Priestess

Saturn – Green Moss Agate

Saturn is the planet of Karma as it encourages us to play by the rules and to operate within the confines of society. Through Saturn, we reap what we sow.

Saturn is known as the way-shower and plays a part in troubling and difficult situations. It will show us where we went wrong so that we can make corrections to our methods and attitudes to provide ourselves with a better foundation.

Saturn represents a lot of hard work, discipline and time to attain such maturity and wisdom, but it will challenge us to realise our personal limitations and promote self-control.

It’s important to note that Saturn requires clear definition, structure, organisation and conforms to accepted standards, rules and regulations and is law abiding.

Look inside your shadow for the answers. Denial and failure to do so will bring hardship and pain and this is why Saturn is associated with fear. People fear change and put it off.

Green Moss Agate represents Saturn
Green Moss Agate represents Saturn

The Green Moss Agate gemstone can release old pent up fears and make way for the transformation of new beginnings that provide a sense of purpose.

Keywords: Limitation, karma, control, consolidation, structure, boundaries, rules, regulations, time, maturity, wisdom, foundations, discipline, clear definition, accepted standards, law, shadow-self, fear, strength, resilience, denial, hardship, responsibility, mentor

Tarot: The Universe
Zodiac: None

Sun – Sunstone

The sun gives life and symbolises the Self and the ego.

With the suns influence, we are fully aware of what makes our own uniqueness as it defines who and what we are, both on a conscious and subconscious level as we travel the road to self-discovery.

Once we fully understand our purpose and potential, we can fill ourselves with will, ambition and the determination to succeed in life and if and when we do suffer temporary setbacks, we will acknowledge these with grace and dignity and continue to move forward with confidence that good fortune and happiness are ahead.

The sun is considered to represent the father, the Creator, or an authoritive male figure. The sun is clearly the brightest object in our sky and it will come as no surprise that it is powerful, dominant and represents creative energy, life-force and vitality.

Sunstone represents the Sun
Sunstone represents the Sun

The Sunstone gemstone can attract good luck or fame, happiness, holiday’s, relocation in the sun, protect you from negativity

Keywords: Life force, vitality, energy, creation, father or authoritive male figure, self-expression, self-integration, self-identity, power, consciousness, potential, innovative, inquisitive, pride, what we seek to put our heart into, purpose, future goals, our will, illumination

Tarot: The Sun
Zodiac: None

Venus – Green Aventurine

Venus indicates how and who we attract and what we project or hope to project as a symbol of our own self-worth. She acts as a mirror, allowing us to view our reflection to achieve greater self-knowledge and self-definition.

She is the goddess of love, beauty, relationships, partnerships, marriage, friendships, harmony, desire and arts both in the spiritual and physical planes. She also governs our love of possessions, money and how we earn and spend it. She makes us feel good about ourselves and hearts of the matter take precedence over reason and logic. She governs peace, balance, harmony and justice and influences our sensuality, sexuality and our creative and artistic actions.

When Venus becomes unstable, so do our emotions. This can show jealousy, greediness, self-pity, abandonment, extravagant, lazy and reckless.

Green Aventurine represents Venus
Green Aventurine represents Venus

The Green Aventurine gemstone can assist with opportunity, good luck, wealth, prosperity, anxiety, fear, depression, restlessness.

Keywords: Love, desire, lust, creativity, beauty, compassion, respect, harmony, charm, intimacy, rivalry, gratification, voluptuous, relationships, sharing, co-operation, compromise, attraction, art, taste, money and how we seek to be loved and love

Tarot: The Empress
Zodiac: None

Air – Smokey Quartz

The element of air brings life and can affect us on so many levels. Think about the wind blowing away the fallen leaves to reveal a clear path in front of you. The wind cuts through all of the debris to help you on your way forward. Now liken the path to the thoughts we have within our minds. Our thoughts at times can become delusional and we are led astray from the path in front of us. We must use objectivity and our inner voice or instinct to find our way back by rationalising and analysing our thoughts.

Smokey Quartz represents the element of air
Smokey Quartz represents the element of air

The Smokey Quartz gemstone can assist with managing anxiety, panic attacks, self-harming, insomnia and psychological sexual blocks

Keywords: Communication, intellect, perception, instinct, knowledge, learning, thoughts, imagination, information, analyse, reason and logic, creativity, harmony, self-expression, ideals, travel, destruction, life

Tarot: The Fool and Swords
Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Earth – Petrified Wood

Represents those things that define and shape us into who we are. On a basic level, what makes you feel safe and secure, what brings you happiness in life, are you stable and dependable, what does wealth mean to you?

The element of Earth is the ultimate feminine principal of the Universe and Mother Nature. We all come from her and we will all return to her. She is fertile, nurturing, grounding, strong and constantly transforming. To be grounded on Earth’s plane means that you are at one with nature and yourself.

Petrified wood represents the element of Earth
Petrified wood represents the element of Earth

The Petrified Wood gemstone provides us with the ability to let go of emotional blockages from the past

Keywords: Substance, matter, reality, the senses, fertility, stability, prosperity, being grounded, creativity, nourishment, solidity, dependability, security, permanence, intuition, introspection, wisdom, abundance, worth, riches, safety

Tarot: The Universe
Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Fire – Fire Agate

The spark of life and new growth, fire is energy that can drive passions and creativity forging will and determination and is exactly what you need for new focus, projects, and ventures. Fire provides transformation and fuels our desires with boldness and courage to spread far indicating new beginnings of what was once before.

It’s important to remember the saying, ‘if you play with fire, you might get burned’.

Fire Agate represents the element of fire
Fire Agate represents the element of fire

Fire Agate gemstone can provide passion, confidence and courage in your life.

Keywords: Energy, passion, creativity, will, determination, transformation, desire, courage, strength, beginnings, growth, zeal, compulsion, motivation, control, power, heat

Tarot: Judgement
Zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Water – Blue Chalcedony

Water represents persons who are emotional and feel things deeply. Think about how water flows, pouring forth into deep caverns, wavering on the surface, strong hidden currents, storm crashing waves and then think about the calm and peacefulness of water and how relaxing it can make you feel. Now relate this to how our emotions can seem at times and you will gain an understanding of why water represents your emotions.

Blue Chalcedony represents the element of water
Blue Chalcedony represents the element of water

A blue Chalcedony gemstone can bring peace and calm.

Keywords: Emotions, dreaming, love, friendship, relationships, sensual pleasure, connection, intuition, creativity, insecurity, fears

Tarot: Hanged Man
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Spirit – Amethyst

Spirit is the life-force/prana that glues the universe together. It is the bridge between Earth/Body and Heaven/Spirit and in our body it is the link to our soul. It’s here that we form our dreams and aspirations fuelling our desire to be creative, to gain self-knowledge and open ourselves to the cosmic flow of energy within the universe and finally be free. Knowing and seeing is everything.

Amethyst gemstone represent spirit
Amethyst gemstone represent spirit

The Amethyst gemstone can provide protection against psychic attack; repel negative energies, aid psychic intuition and communication.

Keywords: Infinity, pure energy, unlimited potential, life-force, prana, dreams, aspirations, desire, creativity, self-knowledge, self-knowing, cosmic, intuition, communication, sacred, binding, magic, Divine, transmutation

Tarot: Reveals its influence in the four aces and court cards
Zodiac: None

This pretty much sums up my getting started guide about learning lithomancy and I wish you lots of success on your new interest and if you would like further information, please join the Gemstone and Tarot Facebook group

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