Grounding Meditation

Grounding Meditation by Amanda Norman
Amanda Norman’s Grounding Meditation

Below is how I perform my grounding meditation prior to practicing Reiki, Chakra Balancing or Tarot.

Grounding yourself means to connect yourself with Mother Earth’s energy and to be fully present in the moment. You should not be distracted by any thoughts or external influences, in other words, you should be fully in the present moment. Let’s begin with the cleansing your room.

Cleansing Your Room

I always cleanse my room as I do believe that negative energies can collect high up in the corners and that it’s best to remove them.

  • Switch off your phone so as not to be distracted
  • Setup your therapy bed if you have one, alternatively you can use a bed or cushions on the floor
  • Play some nice relaxing music quietly in the background. Download my recommended choice of music
  • Set your intention and ask your spirit guides or angels for guidance to assist you and provide positive healing energy for you and for the good of the cosmic universe
  • Cleanse your room, gemstones and aura
    • I have three drops of Frankincense oil in 500ml of tap water contained within a spray bottle. You can use smudge sticks as an alternative, but don’t use any of these if you’re allergic
    • Spray each corner of the room once as negativity collects there
    • Chime your Tibetan bells if you have them as the vibration of sound can also remove negativity
    • I then repeat this process above my head and move the bells within my aura
    • Since receiving my Reiki degree II, I also use my power symbols

Grounding Meditation

Chakra Tree by Amanda Norman

When meditating and thoughts creep in and take over, just remember to refocus on your breathing and never chastise yourself. I just smile!

  • Sit with your feet flat on the floor, back straight and close your eyes
  • Take a slow deep breath in, feel your stomach rise, hold for a second and then gently exhale
  • Repeat four times
  • Allow your breathing to return to normal
  • Once ready, visualise your root chakra at the base of your spine by seeing a red glow, slowing expanding out encompassing your legs and feet each time you gently exhale
  • You feel safe and secure while the red glowing mist continues to expand
  • With each expansion, imagine tree roots growing from your feet and penetrating the floor, travelling down through the concrete, the soil and down to the very core
  • You know you’ve reached the core as it’s peaceful there. It’s like an empty hollow with a pool of inviting golden liquid that shines bright
  • You sit down and dip your feet into the liquid
  • You sit there for a while and enjoy the tranquillity and watch the shimmers of gold and violet white dance off the surfaces surrounding you, feeling relaxed and safe
  • As you slowly breathe in, you feel the golden liquid rise up your legs, cruising through your veins and it feels refreshing. You feel its magic and with each inhale, it rises higher and higher until it reaches your central core
  • You inhale again and you’re enveloped with a violet white light that is protective and healing. You feel a strong sense of connection with Mother Earth and you feel at one with yourself. You feel grounded!
  • After a minute you are ready to return and you feel yourself gently flying upwards until you feel your feet firmly on the floor and your bottom firmly on the surface
  • You focus your attention on your breathing and you can open your eyes
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