Holistic Therapy Services Liverpool

Gemstone and Tarot Prices and Holistic TherapiesGemstone and Tarot offer the following holistic therapy services in the Liverpool and Warrington areas.

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Reiki Therapy in Liverpool – Energy Healing

Amanda offers reiki therapy from her home in the Georgian Quarter of Liverpool

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing consists of crystal gemstones being placed upon the body to help release mental, physical and spiritual blockages to ensure that the energy of the universe can run through us unaffected. 


Holistic treatment to work on the feet to balance the whole body.  It includes both massage and pressure point techniques.

Vocal Coaching with Mindfulness in Warrington

Kerry Sheree offers vocal coaching with mindfulness in Warrington.

Each vocal coaching session is tailored to your needs and will incorporate breathing techniques, mindfulness, pitch accuracy, microphone control, performance and deliverance.  This in turns builds confidence and self-esteem.

Tarot General Reading in Liverpool and Warrington

Tarot readings allow us to make positive life changes by unlocking the hidden aspects of our personalities.  The final decision will always be yours.

Tarot Ask a Question

You can ask the tarot a definitive question to guide you with making important decisions. This session is a lot quicker than a standard tarot reading.

Gemstone Healing Bracelets

Amanda’s custom design service for gemstone healing bracelets make the perfect gift for a special person.  Click to view the gemstone healing bracelet page for further information

Lithomancy – Readings using gemstones

Amanda has recently began the ancient art of reading the gemstones and further information will be available very soon.  If you would like a reading at a discounted rate, get in touch via the Facebook page.

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