7 Chakras Ultimate Guided Meditation Reviewed

7 Chakras Ultimate Guided Meditation Review
Review of the album 7 Chakras Ultimate Guided Meditation

Chakra Guided Meditations

I’m always on the look out for some very good guided meditations that are based on the chakras and I thought that my luck was in with this album, but I was unfortunately fooled by the title. I mean, why call it 7 Chakras Ultimate Guided Meditation if it doesn’t have anyone speaking and guiding you through a chakra meditation?

Stunning Chakra Music

On a good note though, my money wasn’t wasted as I’ve left this album to play in the background whilst designing gemstone healing bracelets and the meditation chakra music is beautiful and if you’re happy with just music, then I do recommend this album. Click here to purchase 7 Chakras Ultimate Guided Meditation and/or listen to some sample tracks.

You might be wondering why I didn’t listen to the previews first before buying? Well, I had that many screens open and that many samples ready to go that I well and truly got everything messed up and I didn’t find any good chakra guided meditations. Perhaps you can help me find some?

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