About Us

Mark Kneale

Mark runs the Gemstone and Tarot shop based in Liverpool, St John’s Market, with the help of his partner Amanda.

Mark has long had an interest in the Tarot, astrology, the Qabala and so much more, and opening a store is the perfect opportunity for Mark to showcase his passion.  

Amanda Norman

This website Gemstone and Tarot was created by Amanda and her passion for crystals is evident should you meet her in person. She’s a qualified life coach, Reiki master and tarot reader. You can read more about Amanda’s history of anxiety and how she overcame it and view the many services she offers, over on her website, Gemstone Healing.

Together, Amanda and Mark own Gemstone, Tarot and Healing.

Gemstone, Tarot & Healing Mission Statement

Gemstone, Tarot and Healing was created due to our passion for crystals, Tarot, astrology and more.

What started off as a dream for Amanda to supply crystals with Reiki treatments and tarot readings has since turned into the reality of opening the Gemstone and Tarot shop in Liverpool city centre.

With the opening of the shop came the responsibility of sourcing products from ethical sources so that we can ensure that well-being is at the forefront of everything we do. Our ethical policy can be found here.

We both firmly believe that you can’t fake passion or create a positive experience if you don’t believe in the product or services that you sell. We both genuinely have a passion and firm belief in the magic of the Universe that’s practiced for the higher good of all.

Our vision is to create an environment that fills you with high vibrational energy and one that will give you a positive and uplifted frame of mind when visiting us in person or interacting with us on our live videos that are seen on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

  • We will source our products from ethical suppliers who have the wellbeing of the planet and local communities at the forefront of everything they do
  • Provide you with products that we genuinely believe will enhance your wellbeing
  • Maintain our intention of working for the higher good of you, us, our planet and the cosmic Universe
  • Maintain our passion and positive energy to provide you with a high level of customer service with your wellbeing at heart simply because we genuinely care
  • We will always listen to you our customers and suppliers without judgement to continually expand our knowledge and grow our business

If you have any questions or you would like to provide us with feedback on how we are doing, then please get in touch with us as we would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day and hopefully we will see you soon.

Kind Regards, Amanda and Mark x

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