Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite is a beautiful soothing and calming stone featuring the earthly tones of the Amazon.

Amazonite Gemstone Meaning

Amazonite is a soothing stone

How to use Amazonite

These gemstone meanings are traditional and are not a substitute to medical practices. No claims have been made about the suitability of this stone or any stone for healing or for curing diseases. It’s important that if you’re in need of medical assistance, you consult with your doctor.

  • Amazonite gemstone can calm the soul and soothe the spirit with its powerful energies, just like the river
  • Amazonite is a gemstone that can allow you to speak the truth without fear and to objectively see both sides of a situation to resolve inner conflict
  • Amazonite can provide harmony and balance
  • Amazonite can absorb electromagnetic pollution from mobile phones, computers etc
  • In the workplace, Amazonite can be worn to dispel any negativity
  • If you’re starting a new business, Amazonite can aid with bringing prosperity as it will attract new customers and orders
  • If you require good luck for a competition then Amazonite is the stone for you

Amazonite Healing Powers

  • Amazonite can be used for treating thyroid issues
  • Disorders of the nervous system
  • Relieve muscle spasms
  • Aids in issues relating to calcium and osteoporosis
  • Brittle hair and hair loss
  • Anti-anxiety stone as it alleviates fear, worry and aggression
  • Amazonite will aid in balancing the emotions
  • Can increase self-esteem

Amazonite Chakra Use

  • Green hues of Amazonite when used with the heart chakra will release toxic emotions and negativity from past traumas
  • Blue hues of Amazonite when used with the throat chakra will balance all other chakras

Meditate with Amazonite

When meditating with Amazonite, think about the flowing energy of the Amazon river, the power of nature, the cleansing of debris and the renewed flow of life it holds.  This is why Amazonite is good for clearing away emotional negativity from past traumas.

Amazonite is also known as the hope stone and manifestation stone.  Hold the Amazonite gemstone and speak out aloud your dreams and hopes for the future, no matter how wild they are.

Custom Gemstone Meditation and Mindfulness Bracelets

Creating custom gemstone bracelets is an excellent form of therapy for Amanda.  She takes great pleasure in pleasing her customers by providing them with a work of art that means something personal. It’s therapeutic as it’s a form of stress release and it allows her to practice her mindfulness by being aware of the gemstones, the colours and the present moment.  

We also have a selection of pre-made gemstone bracelets available to purchase in store.

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