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Amphora Aromatics

We are pleased to now sell Amphora Aromatics essential oils from the shop. We resisted the idea of selling any essential oils as we were a bit short of space in the shop for new lines, but with the introduction of the website and numerous requests from customers, the time has come to start selling them.

Amphora Aromatics was founded in 1984 in Bristol. They have grown over the years and I have a few bottles of their more obscure oils in the back of my aromatherapy cupboard that must be over 20 years old!

Personally I like their range of products, excellent quality and understated approach. They are against animal testinf and for 30 years they haven’t used any ingredients that had been tested on animals. They test all their products in their own lab so can guarentee quality.

For more information on their products see their quality assurance page.

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