Blue Goldstone Gemstone Meaning


Reach for the stars with Blue Goldstone

The Goldstone gemstone comes in an array of different colours each with their own different meanings.  Blue Goldstone resembles a star filled night sky and although it’s a man-made stone, it still has magical healing properties.  It’s made out of glass and the flecks are made out of copper. It’s also known as the ‘wish stone’ and is a perfect choice for anyone to become a star in their chosen profession.

Blue Goldstone Gemstone Meanings

These gemstone meanings are traditional and are not a substitute to medical practices. No claims have been made about the suitability of this stone or any stone for healing or for curing diseases. It’s important that if you’re in need of medical assistance, you consult with your doctor.

  • Blue Goldstone is an uplifting stone and can provide vitality and positivity when one is down 
  • Reach for the stars with Blue Goldstone as it’s the gemstone of ambition and confidence
  • It’s also said that Blue Goldstone can deflect negative energy

Blue Goldstone Gemstone Healing Powers

  • Blue Goldstone gemstone can help with stomach problems such as IBS caused by anxiety and depression
  • The copper within the Blue Goldstone gemstone can also help soothe joint problems
  • Can also aid migraine, headache, epilepsy and eyesight

Blue Goldstone Chakra Use

  • Blue Goldstone gemstone stimulates the throat chakra, brow and crown chakra

Meditate with Blue Goldstone

  • Meditating with the Blue Goldstone gemstone can assist with bringing your deepest wishes to fulfilment.  It can assist with manifesting your desires whilst keeping you calm and focused.

Blue Goldstone Birthstone

  • Blue Goldstone is the zodiac birthstone for Sagittarians

Blue Goldstone and the Tarot

You can choose gemstones to represent the 22 major arcana cards of the Tarot

  • The Star

Custom Gemstone Healing Bracelets

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