Coloured Spell Candles

Coloured Spell Candles from Gemstone and Tarot in Liverpool
Coloured Spell Candles from Gemstone and Tarot in Liverpool

If you’re looking for a specific coloured candle, not coloured wax on the final dip, but solid colour, come and see our range of home made candles at the Gemstone and Tarot shop in Liverpool.

These candles that Mark makes, last approximately 90 minutes. As they are votive candles will need to be placed into a holder while burning so that it catches any hot wax that spills out.

They are made from recycled paraffin wax, but we also stock beeswax candles in a natural colour.

What coloured candle shall I choose?

Amanda has put together a coloured candle guide to help you choose your perfect colour.

Simply lighting a coloured candle will power your good intention as all colours carry vibrations.

When doing any kind of spell work, we remind you that your only purpose should be for the highest good of all.

BlackProtection, Banish, Repelling Negativity, Binding
BlueExpression of Creativity, Communication, Travelling, Inspiration, Forgiveness, Listening, Calming, Healing, Peace, Intuition, Trust
BrownFamily, Animals and Pets, Home Protection, Stability, Material Goods
GoldMasculinity, The Sun, Wealth, Luck, Power, Happiness
GreenGrowth, Abundance, Fertility, Luck, Healing, Transformation, Balance, Nature, Money
OrangeStimulation both Physical and Mental, Opportunity, Energy, Creativity, Emotions, Ambition, Success, Celebration, Fertility
PinkLove, Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Heal a Broken Heart, Compassion, Kindness, Romance, Friendship, Caring, Nurturing
PurpleWisdom, Authority, Intuition, Consciousness, Mental Health, Destress, Healing, Dreams, Opens Third Eye, Psychic Awareness, Psychic Vision
RedSexual Energy, Attraction, Passion, Courage, Safety, Inner Strength, Motivation, Vital Energy, Drive, Determination, Lust
SilverFeminine, The Moon, Intuition, Psychic, Dreams
YellowHappiness, Joy, Confidence, Hope, Prosperity, Mental Focus, Mental Awareness, Mental Stimulation, Intelligence, Learning, Memory, Motivation, Creativity, Energy
WhiteSpirituality, Purifying, Cleansing, Higher Self, Meditation
Candle Colour Meanings

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