Dalmatian Stone Gemstone Meaning


Beautiful Dalmatian Stone Gemstone

How stunningly beautiful is the Dalmatian Stone gemstone?

Dalmatian Stone Gemstone Meanings

These gemstone meanings are traditional and are not a substitute to medical practices. No claims have been made about the suitability of this stone or any stone for healing or for curing diseases. It’s important that if you’re in need of medical assistance, you consult with your doctor.

  • Dalmatian Stone is the gemstone to provide you with the joy of living.  It promotes, positivity, happiness, joy and a child like playfulness no matter what your age.  It’s a good aid towards communication, bringing together colleagues, family and friends
  • The Dalmatian Stone gemstone encourages you to see the positive side of everything and propels the negative
  • Dalmatian Stone is a strong grounding stone and perfect for those who over analyse situations
  • Dalmatian Stone is said to bring good luck if you’re starting a new venture, business or project
  • If children are having nightmares of monsters, use Dalmatian Stone to aid them in feeling safe
  • Dalmatian Stone is said to remove the fear of dogs and will aid in calming and training pets, especially dogs. It is also the stone for those of us who rescue animals

Dalmatian Stone Gemstone Healing Powers

  • Dalmatian Stone gemstone may assist with the following: –
    • Immune system
    • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
    • Constipation
    • Muscles and tendons
    • Skin Problems
    • Rashes

Dalmatian Stone Chakra Use

  • Dalmatian Jasper gemstone stimulates the root chakra

Meditate with Dalmatian Stone

  • Meditating with the Dalmatian Stone gemstone will assist with contemplating the opposites within life to provide balance of thoughts and ideas

Dalmatian Stone Birthstone

  • None

Dalmatian Stone and the Tarot

You can choose gemstones to represent the 22 major arcana cards of the Tarot

  • Temperance

Custom Gemstone Meditation and Mindfulness Bracelets

Creating custom gemstone bracelets is an excellent form of therapy for myself.  I take great pleasure in pleasing my customers by providing them with a work of art that means something personal. It’s therapeutic as it’s a form of stress release and it allows me to practice my mindfulness by being aware of the gemstones, the colours and the present moment.  To find out more, read all About Me.

I have a selection of pre-made gemstone bracelets available to purchase and these should give you an idea of what you would like. Perhaps you prefer different colours, different clasps, a mixture of gemstones or something else. 

All bracelets featuring metal components are lead and nickel free and silver plated.

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Custom Design Gemstone Bracelet

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