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Goloka Incense

When we first envisioned opening a shop, our vision was to provide good value for money for high quality, natural products from companies that considered their ethical responsibilities.

Researching the incense brands available, we were impressed by Goloka as they make their products the traditional way, by hand rolling natural ingredients. They also have a good range of fragrances, and had positive reviews from customers online. When we investigated their ethics, they amazed us with the breath of commitments they made to the environment and local communities.

As they are run by a charitable trust, Goloka put 100% of their profits back into the community. Their mission statement is:

‘To ensure everyone has access to the best education, healthy life choices and a sustainable environment regardless of their background.’

They do this by supporting:

  • A mid-day meal programme serving wholesome food every school day to over 1.8 million children as well as homeless and others struggling for food
  • Promoting education and providing scholarships to local children and the widows of Vrindavan, who have been abandoned by their families
  • Promoting organic farming methods and biodiversity in rural India

We love the smell too! It isn’t overpowering or smoky, like other brands out there, and we never get headaches when burning it. Each pack has about 12 stick of masala incense.

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