Gemstone, Tarot and Healing

Mission Statement

Firstly, thank you for taking an interest in our mission statement that can be read below.

Gemstone, Tarot and Healing

Our Mission

  • Gemstone, Tarot and Healing will source our products from ethical suppliers, who have the wellbeing of the planet and local communities at heart
  • We will continue to provide you with a high level of customer service simply because, we genuinely care
  • Communication is key, therefore we will always listen to our customers and suppliers without judgement. Taking this approach will see us grow from strength to strength
  • We will continue to provide you with products and services that we genuinely believe, will enhance your wellbeing
  • Maintaining our intention of working for the higher good of you, us, our planet and the cosmic Universe is important to us
  • We will continue to enhance our passion and positive energy by furthering our learning and development.

Finally, we welcome your feedback on how we are doing. Please feel free to get in touch.

Kind Regards, Amanda and Mark x