Our shop will hopefully provide a place to find spiritual, esoteric and healing products at affordable prices. We do not sell on-line as we offer a service the internet cannot provide with items available immediately and the chance to connect with the items. Along with this we can provide helpful advice and cut down on pollution from parcel deliveries.

See our Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest additions to the shop.


As we have found buying gemstones for ourselves difficult at times, we aim to provide a selection of the more common tumblestones at low prices as well as sourcing rarer specimens when we find them. Wherever possible, we hand pick the stones for sale in the shop as to ensure their quality. We sell a selection of tumblestones from 75p as well as worry/palm stones, hearts, rough crystals and points. See the tumblestones page for more information and current stock. We also have a range of pendulums and advice on how to use them.


As it can be difficult knowing whether incense sticks contain toxic glues or artificial fragrances, we only stock brands that use traditional production methods and only use natural ingredients. See the Goloka post for more details on why we use this brand. We have Goloka resins as well as burners and incense stick holders.

Thanks to customer requests we also stock sage smudging sticks.


We have gemstone bracelets made by Amanda Norman.

The range comprises of gemstone bead and chip bracelets corresponding to the individual 7 chakras as well as general chakra bracelets.

She also creates stacker and individual bracelets which combine gemstones with 100% Stirling Silver beads and spacers.

See the bracelets page for examples of her jewellery and more information,

Tarot Cards

We stock a range of tarot cards ideal for the beginner or more advanced user and associated books. There is also advice on hand to help you on your way to get more out of the cards.

Please ask if you require a deck not in stock and we will endeavour to try and get hold of it for you.


We have a range of new and second hand books on tarot, paganism, astrology, magick and the chakras. This keeps changing as we get stock so get in touch for more details of current titles.


We have Amanda Norman’s photography in store. See her website for her amazing work.

There are framed prints on offer as well as a selection of mounted prints for you to put in a frame of your choice.

Accessories and miscellaneous

We have tarot cloths and storage, meditation cd’s and other bits and pieces that we think you might find interesting or useful.

As always any requests will be gratefully received, as this will help the shop grow and provide our customers with more choice in the future.

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