Root Chakra Gemstone Poster

The chakra gemstone poster that I’ve designed below takes a look at some of the most common crystal gemstones to use when working with the root chakra.  I haven’t listed every single gemstone as there are too many to list, but any crystal gemstone the colour of black, red, grey or brown will work perfectly with your root chakra.

What is a Chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates to wheel or disk. 

Chakras are invisible spinning wheels of energy within our bodies that are positioned along the spinal cord.  There are seven in total and each one is connected to various nerve centers, organs and body parts as well as our spiritual, emotional and psychological states of well-being.  If these chakras become blocked or don’t allow the right amount of energy to flow, we will suffer dis-ease that can manifest both physically and mentally.

Basic Chakra Gemstone Healing

Ensure that the crystal gemstone you have selected is cleansed for use and therefore has no negative energies associated with it.  You can use Reiki healing energy and sound among other things to cleanse a crystal gemstone.  When you are ready and when you won’t be interrupted, simply lie down and relax with the crystal gemstone lying on your body above the associated chakra.  Healers recommend a minimum of 15 minutes and to be done daily.  

Wearing crystal gemstones associated with the chakra can also help.  Please get in touch if you would like a custom design bracelet.

Root Chakra Gemstone Poster

A4 chakra posters are available to purchase or are provided free of charge when ordering a custom design bracelet (upon request) or when booking a healing service from myself.  The chakra gemstone poster below is specific to the root chakra otherwise known as Muladhara.



Root Chakra Gemstones Poster from Gemstone and Tarot

Root Chakra Gemstone Healing Bracelet

Below you will find a selection of root chakra gemstone bracelets that have been designed to work specifically with the root chakra. Visit my Etsy shop if you wish to purchase a pre-designed bracelet or you can request a custom design at no extra charge. Click here for further information.

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