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Sodalite Tassel Pendant

Sodalite Tassel Pendant

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Sodalite Tassel Pendant
Sodalite Tassel Pendant

Sodalite Tassel Pendant

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Sodalite Tassel Gemstone Pendant
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You are purchasing this Sodalite gemstone tassel pendant that I've created to resonate with your throat and brow chakras. It comes supplied on a piece of grey cord.

I've infused it with reiki healing intent to assist you with accepting your spiritual journey and being open to hearing the truth of your inner voice. When your brow chakra is balanced, you can be in control of your destiny and in tune with the Universe.

The tassel has its own status and is seen as a talisman for protection. According to Wikipedia, in the Middle East, tassels were worn on the hoods of children to protect them from malevolent spirits and to ward off demons.

DISCLAIMER: Reiki, gemstones and forms of energy healing are not substitutes for traditional medical treatment. Information provided is not designed to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. You should always consult with your health care practitioner. Please also note that the colour may vary slightly due to different monitor resolutions and camera flash.

Sodalite is approximately 15*25mm

Tassel is approximately 30mm including the bail. 

Overall pendant size in length is approximately 55mm.

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