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Tarot Reading in Liverpool

If you’re looking for a face-to-face tarot reading in Liverpool, either in person or online, then look no further. Amanda is a professional tarot reader with over 25 years of experience. Furthermore, her style of tarot reading includes life coaching and the flow of Reiki healing.

Tarot readings in Liverpool

In Person | Video Call | Telephone

Face to face tarot readings in person or online

General Tarot Reading Liverpool

General Tarot Reading – 60 Minutes

In this tarot reading, we shall explore your present situation, see what led you to it and gain insight for your future actions.

  • £40 Phone/Video Call
  • £50 In person at Liverpool. L16

Six Month Tarot Reading – 60 Minutes

In this tarot reading, we shall explore your strengths and weaknesses for each of the next six months to gain insight for your future actions.

  • £40 Phone/Video Call
  • £50 In person at Liverpool, L16
Six month tarot reading by Amanda
Circle of Life Tarot Reading

12 Month Tarot Reading – 60 Minutes

In this tarot reading, we shall explore each of the next 12 months to gain insight for your future actions.

  • £40 Phone/Video Call
  • £50 In person at Liverpool, L16

Past Life Tarot Reading

A past life tarot reading will provide you with insight into a past life.

  • £40 Phone/Video Call
  • £50 In person at Liverpool, L16
Past Life Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading Packages

Crystal healing bracelet

Crystal Healing Bracelet and Tarot

From the moment the idea of a bracelet enters your mind, your thoughts and ideas create your positive intention, which in turn creates positive energy. Infuse your newly gained knowledge into your very own custom, crystal healing bracelet.

  • From £80 (saving of £15)
  • All standard bracelets feature .925 silver and ethical crystals. You do have the option of choosing more silver or more expensive beads, which will increase your price. This will be discussed throughout so that you are fully aware of the overall cost.

Reiki and Tarot Package

Tarot is a beautiful healing experience on its own however, combining it with Reiki takes it to a new level. You will feel wonderfully uplifted and fully grounded following your experience.

  • £80 (saving of £20)
Reiki with Amanda in Liverpool
Past Life Tarot Reading

Past Life Regression Package

Past life regression is a practice that delves into the concept of previous life experiences using hypnosis. Combine it with a Past Life Reading for further insight.

  • £95 (saving of £20)
  • Approximately 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Only available at Liverpool, L16
Amanda Norman from Gemstone and Tarot

Meet amanda

Firstly, Amanda combines her tarot readings with life coaching and spiritual healing that provides you with a positive, and fulfilling experience. Her intention is to realign you with your souls purpose thus giving you back, control of your life. Finally, you will feel empowered and full of beautiful, positive energy.

Gift yourself or a loved one with a tarot reading in Liverpool and discover the key to helping you achieve the joy and happiness that you so rightly deserve.

As this was my first ever tarot reading I didn’t know what to expect but upon meeting Amanda, you feel a real sense of calm, comfort and excitement for what’s ahead. Her knowledge and passion shows through her work and I came away from my reading with a real sense of clarity and understanding. Would recommend to anyone. Will be visiting again!


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What do you get with your tarot reading?

Also good to know is that Amanda is a practicing clinical hypnotherapist, a certified life coach, and a Reiki master/teacher. With the exception of hypnotherapy, life coaching and Reiki naturally flow at all times during a tarot reading with Amanda.

In addition, please be aware that there maybe issues of trauma that are revealed as a pathway to better wellbeing of mind, body, and soul.

Amanda takes a holistic approach to better wellbeing however, this service is NOT to replace professional medical assistance or healthcare services. Therefore, always speak to your GP or healthcare provider in the first instance for professional care and counselling.

She always considers a tarot reading to be a sincere honour. In addition, she will be providing you with the guidance you seek.

In essence, Amanda can assist you with issues such as love, career or, manifestation of your dreams. Whatever your question is, the cards will reveal the bigger picture however, please work with her.

It should be noted that Amanda is not a psychic medium, however she does use her psychic abilities to interpret the meaning of your cards.

Just like to say how inspired and impressed I was with my reading from @Amandanormangemstones today and I would definitely recommend her if you want a reading.

Debbie H

Above all, Amanda believes wholeheartedly that you need to be present for your reading. This is the reason why Amanda only performs live readings, either in person or over the phone/webcam.

Some tarot readers like to read the cards in their own time and email you a reading, this has never appealed to her so she doesn’t do it!

Location For Your Tarot Reading

Amanda provides services from her therapy room situated in her home by appointment only. This is situated between Broadgreen and Huyton within Liverpool, L16. Her full address details are provided upon payment.

Tips for a positive reading

Tips for a positive reading

Embarking upon a path of spiritual healing has enlightened me in so many ways and I look back on my early adventures of tarot reading with such great fondness. Reading the tarot continues to teach me how soul guidance heals the way for myself and many others.

Amanda Norman

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