Worry Stones

Worry stones are polished pieces of gemstone crystals that can be held easily in your hand. They are also called palm stones or smoothies and they come in a variety of sizes and colours.

Worry stones, palm stones and smoothies are available at Gemstone and Tarot in Liverpool
Project your fears into a worry stone

The best time to use a worry or palm stone is when you are stressing over a difficult situation or you’re worrying about a particular situation.

Project your fears into a worry stone available from Gemstone and Tarot in Liverpool

Why would I use a worry/palm stone?

When you worry, you are wasting your energy either worrying about something that occurred in your past, that has already happened and cannot be altered, or you’re worrying about something that is going to, or may occur in the future.

It’s very important for us to stay in the present moment so that we can be aware of how our body feels when we’re worrying or stressing too much. Being mindful of our bodies reaction to stress and worry can help us avoid long term stress developing into mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression.

How does a worry stone help with this?

Your worry stone when held in your hands will help to keep you focused and in the present moment. The touch and feel of your chosen worry stone is what will help you to keep your feet on the ground and calm you down.

So how do I use a worry/palm stone?

  • Simply hold it and feel it!
  • Imagine projecting your worries into the stone to be trapped there
  • For meditation and focus purposes, use candlelight and focus on the palm stone and its patterns

How do I choose the right worry stone?

Here at Gemstone and Tarot in Liverpool, we sell a variety of palm stones at £3 each (at the time of writing this post). Simply choose the palm/worry stone that you’re drawn to and use your intuition as you are drawn to it for a reason. You can keep them on your person or in the room. It’s whatever feels right to you.

I’ve been told I need to cleanse my worry stone?

It’s recommended that at least once a week, if you use your worry stone on a regular basis, that you cleanse your worry stone of all negative energies. Think about it, if you’re projecting your worries into the stone, your stone at some point is going to become burdened with negative energy, therefore it’s best to remove them all by cleansing it. Click here for instructions on how to cleanse gemstone.

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